MDACC Study No:2011-0104 ( NCT No: NCT01476410)
Title:A Phase II Trial of Sequential SGN-35 Therapy With Adriamycin, Vinblastine, and Dacarbazine (S-AVD) for Older Patients with Untreated Hodgkin Lymphoma
Principal Investigator:Michelle A. Fanale
Treatment Agent:Adriamycin; Dacarbazine; Doxorubicin; SGN-35
Study Status:Open
Study Description:The goal of this clinical research study is to learn if SGN-35 (brentuximab
vedotin), when given before and after chemotherapy with AVD, can help to
control Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Brentuximab vedotin has 2 parts. The first part of the drug is designed to
recognize CD30 and normal cells in the body’s immune system. CD30 is a
molecule on the surface of cells that may make up some types of cancer, such as
Hodgkin lymphoma and anaplastic large cell lymphoma. The second part of the
drug may kill the cells recognized by the first part of brentuximab vedotin.
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Disease Group:Lymphoma
Phase of Study:Phase II
Treatment Agents:Adriamycin
Treatment Location:Both at MDACC & and Other Sites
Estimated Length of Stay in Houston:
Supported By:Seattle Genetics Inc.
Return Visit:
Home Care:

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Physician Name:Michelle A. Fanale
For Clinical Trial Enrollment:713-792-2860
For General Questions about Clinical Trials:800-392-1611 (in U.S.A.) 713-792-6161 (outside U.S.A.)

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