MDACC Study No:2004-0078 ( NCT No: NCT00153816)
Title:Vitamin D / Calcium Polyp Prevention Study
Principal Investigator:Robert S. Bresalier
Treatment Agent:Calcium Carbonate; Vitamin D
Study Status:Closed
Study Description:The goal of the biomarker portion of this study is to find out whether getting
more calcium or vitamin D in the diet can lower the chances for future colon
polyps or colon cancer by returning certain changes (biomarkers of risk) in the
lining of the colon to a more normal level or pattern. Researchers want to
develop new tests to help in preventing polyps and cancer of the colon, or
large bowel.
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Disease Group:Cancer Prevention; Colorectal
Phase of Study:N/A
Treatment Agents:Calcium Carbonate
Vitamin D
Treatment Location:Independent Multicenter Arrangements
Estimated Length of Stay in Houston:No hospitalization is required
Supported By:N/A
Return Visit:3 -4 times
Home Care:None required

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Physician Name:Robert S. Bresalier
Dept:Gastroenterology/Hepatology and Nutrition
For Clinical Trial Enrollment:713-794-5073
For General Questions about Clinical Trials:800-392-1611 (in U.S.A.) 713-792-6161 (outside U.S.A.)

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