MDACC Study No:2006-0198 ( NCT No: NCT00608933)
Title:CAM Use and Cancer
Principal Investigator:Lorenzo Cohen
Treatment Agent:None
Study Status:Closed
Study Description:The goal of this study is to collect information regarding perceptions,
knowledge of and discussions about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
between you and your patients. This information will be collected using
questionnaires given to you and your patients at specific time points.
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Disease Group:Unspecified
Phase of Study:Phase III
Treatment Agents:None
Treatment Location:Only at Community Programs (CCOP/Network)
Estimated Length of Stay in Houston:N/A
Supported By:NCI
Return Visit:N/A
Home Care:N/A

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Physician Name:Lorenzo Cohen
Dept:Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Medicine
For Clinical Trial Enrollment:713-563-0276
For General Questions about Clinical Trials:800-392-1611 (in U.S.A.) 713-792-6161 (outside U.S.A.)

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