MDACC Study No:2012-0825 ( NCT No: NCT01893307)
Title:Phase II/III Randomized Trial of Intensity-Modulated Proton Beam Therapy (IMPT) versus Intensity-Modulated Photon Therapy (IMRT) for the treatment of Oropharyngeal Cancer of the Head and Neck
Principal Investigator:Steven J. Frank
Treatment Agent:Photon Therapy; Proton Therapy
Study Status:Open
Study Description:The goal of this clinical research study is to compare the side effects of 2
radiation treatments for head and neck cancer. The 2 treatments are intensity
modulated photon therapy (IMRT) and intensity modulated proton therapy (IMPT).
Participants may also receive chemotherapy along with radiation therapy.

IMPT is designed to use beams of proton particles to send radiation to the
tumor. IMRT is designed to use beams of photon therapy to send radiation to
the tumor. Both of these types of radiation treatment may give a full dose of
radiation treatment to the tumor while not damaging as much of the healthy
tissue around it.
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Disease Group:Head And Neck
Phase of Study:Phase II/Phase III
Treatment Agents:Photon Therapy
Proton Therapy
Treatment Location:Both at MDACC & and Other Sites
Estimated Length of Stay in Houston:
Supported By:Massachusetts General Hospital
Return Visit:
Home Care:

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Physician Name:Steven J. Frank
Dept:Radiation Oncology
For Clinical Trial Enrollment:713-563-2300
For General Questions about Clinical Trials:1-877-MDA-6789

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