MDACC Study No:2006-0328 ( NCT No: NCT00501826)
Title:Phase II Study of Hyper-CVAD plus Nelarabine in Previously Untreated T-ALL and Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
Principal Investigator:Farhad Ravandi-Kashani
Treatment Agent:Adriamycin; Asparaginase; Compound 506; Cyclophosphamide; Cytarabine; Decadron; Mercaptopurine; Methotrexate; Prednisone; Vincristine
Study Status:Open
Study Description:The goal of this clinical research study is to learn the effectiveness of
intensive chemotherapy given in combination with nelarabine (followed by
maintenance therapy) in the treatment of patients with T cel ALL and T cell
lymphoblastic lymphoma. The safety of this treatment will also be studied.
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Disease Group:Leukemia
Phase of Study:Phase II
Treatment Agents:Adriamycin
Compound 506
Treatment Location:Only at MDACC
Estimated Length of Stay in Houston:Minimum of 21 days during the first course, and at least 5 days during the
second course.
Supported By:N/A
Return Visit:Every one to 3 months as long as receiving active therapy. Thereafter every 3
to 6 months as long as on study.
Home Care:All chemotherapy (except course 1 and drug administration phase of course 2)
and follow up may be provided for at home

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Physician Name:Farhad Ravandi-Kashani
For Clinical Trial Enrollment:713-745-0394
For General Questions about Clinical Trials:800-392-1611 (in U.S.A.) 713-792-6161 (outside U.S.A.)

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